These children live in the worst ghettos of Kenya.  Some choose to go without food so they can afford supplies needed to attend school.  Others don't even have such a choice...  

Thanks to your gifts we have been able to open our Chapel Field Study Center, providing education, meals, and worship services for these most impoverished families.  Recently we have been caring for several orphans, since they have no where to turn and will likely be kidnapped or worse if left alone.


A typical home is a 10' by 10' shack with a leaky tin roof. Most homes have neither running water nor electricity. Many children live in mud, rarely go to school, and very often end up sick or orphaned.

Make a monetary donation, or donate YOUR OLD CAR, TRUCK, MOTORCYCLE, or FARM EQUIPMENT to help us provide food, clean water, sanitation, education and perhaps even a home.

Stephen Ndambuki, our Director of Kenyan Operations, has been working for Matthew 25 Relief Ministries for many years, determining need and distributing gifts in the Kenyan slums.

Now Stephen runs our Study Center and orphanage, while continuing to evaluate need and distribute necessities to the families we support in Ngomongo.

Please continue to support this ministry as you are able with your generous donations, and with prayers for Stephen and his family.

In 2014, Stephen came to America and was able to meet some of the students at Chapel Field Christian Schools.

Thanks to your continued support: We are able to provide these impoverished children with education, meals, worship services, and in some cases, a home, all through the work that has been done in Ngomongo. The Chapel Field Study Center in East Africa is thriving and giving hope to many children who are in deep need need. God has worked miraculously to allowing our ministry to make a stark difference in an area with such a lack of resources.


Three years ago we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to send Christmas gifts to the children of Ngomongo. What an amazing thing it was to share the meaning of Christmas with these kids. 

Your gifts allow some children the chance at a better life.